Friday, May 1, 2009

Wild dogs, baby hippos, and Gymnogenes!!!

African Harrier Hawk (Gymnogene)

We watched a pair of these guys pulling geckoes from tree cavities!

Baby hippo!

Lazy morning!

Misty morning at the bird blind...



Pied kingfishers fighting over a fish

Sunrise at the bird blind

Young kudu


Elephant bull in musth, he totally charged the game drive vehicle

Baby ele!

This week has been full of insect projects and final exams, but it's been really great. Last night we went down to 10 Minutes, a spot in the dry riverbed, and played soccer and tossed around the frisbee. A bushbuck came down to drink while we were there and there were lion tracks in the sand. I've been spending most mornings at the bird hide and it's been so much fun watching the Pied Kingfishers. A family of hippos have taken to hanging out near the hide and they have a really small baby, so cute!

But the coolest thing this week was also a little sad. Veterinary services captured a young wild dog that was in bad condition and begging around camps. It turned out he had badly fractured a front leg and while it had healed, he couldn't use it properly and couldn't keep up with the pack. Because Laurence knew I was so interested in wildlife veterinary work, I got to be there while they euthanized it and did a full necropsy. So like I said, very sad. But it was so cool to get to watch and I had a good chat with the vet and vet students there.


  1. Wow, hun, sounds like you're having a full time of it! ^_^ I'm so happy that you're having an awesome time in S.A. To tell the truth, I wish I was with you seeing all these amazing sights and what not. Oh, hey, and bring me back the baby hippo, would you? I think he'll be a great addition to the Meredith pond. ^_~

    Love you, miss you, can't wait to see you!


  2. Yeah, it's all been pretty great and it's coming to and end all too soon. I wish you were here too! I'll see if the baby hippo fits in my suitcase along with the elephant and wild dog that have been requested :)