Sunday, April 26, 2009

Skukuza: round two

Magpie shrikes

Pied kingfisher!


Martial eagle

Brown snake eagle

Tawny eagle

Bush baby! He's been raiding our trash every night

Banded mongoose, also a trash raider...

Giant kingfisher

I haven't seen any more large carnivores around Skukuza, but the bird viewing has been exceptional. I saw four different large raptors on a game drive this morning. There is a hyena that hangs out around the fence every night and we have heard lions in the early morning. We're really busy with various projects at the moment, but things are going great!


  1. That bushbaby is huge! I thought they were fit-in-your-palm size.

  2. This was a greater bushbaby, the lesser bush baby is itty bitty!