Friday, May 15, 2009


One the walk this morning, we came across a rather large leopard spotted tortoise. The guy holding him is Patrick, one of the SAEON guys giving me a hand for the day. Walking was hot, but it was fun. No close encounters yet, but lots of elephant spoor.

A grey-headed bush shrike in my front yard.

I was heading towards Sable Dam yesterday when I did a doubletake. 4 giraffe were hanging out by the road.

This one had a passenger, an ox-pecker.

The dark one seemed to be young and didn't like my bakkie (truck) much.

I got down to the dam and waited for a while and was just about to leave when these guys came out of the mopane.

They weren't alone.

And they soon had even more company.

As soon as they got down to the water, they all spread out and started drinking.

And then another group showed up!!!

There were a few tense moments of meeting...

But everyone settled down to drink peacefully

Everyone headed out just after the sun set.

I'm going to take another drive this evening, so hopefully I'll have cool new stuff tomorrow.


  1. this is even better than national geographic! looks like you're still having an amazing time...i wouldn't want to come back! but please do because we miss you. :)

  2. I guess I'll have to come back eventually :) but this week I extended my visa and won't be returning until late July