Sunday, January 18, 2009


So it's not quite out-of-country travel, but it was non-continental. I travelled to Hawaii with the Presidential Scholars group from Jan 2-11 and had a really great time. We spent several days on O'ahu and then a few more on Kaua'i. I did enjoy O'ahu, but it was much more built up than I expected. The high rises were more packed together than in downtown Raleigh! Kaua'i was much more my style. Some of the highlights were a trip to Pearl Harbor, parasailing, hiking Diamondhead, a helicopter tour, whale-watching and ziplining.
Flipper showing off for us

A butterfly at Foster Botanic Gardens

Spinner dolphins

Whale's tail

A humpback whale off the Na Pali coast

Rainbow over Kaua'i from our helicopter tour

Arizona memorial at Pearl Harbor

Palm trees at Pearl Harbor and the lighting is 100% natural, I didn't edit this