Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wild dog pictures!!!

So the reason I couldn't call or Skype on Sunday afternoon was because I was out on a game drive. And I have to say it was totally worth it because we stumbled upon a pack of wild dogs playing by the road. Apparently it is pretty rare to see them so close and for such a long period of time. It was a pack of 6. I think 4 were fairly young and the other pair was the alpha male and female. Definitely an awesome afternoon.

We have started our first independent project and I will be pretty busy for the next couple of days. I am doing a project with small mammal trapping. So hopefully I'll get to play with some really cute African mice!


  1. Lion! I like that last picture :) Also, the 'dancing' wild dogs. Their tails are bushy!

  2. Wow what great pics we are really enjoying them:). Cheese is jealous, we are all great here just cold as you know what. Keep up the gret pics. I am sharing your blog with my students and they are loving it. I miss you and are praying for you everyday. Got the postcards today and boy did it make my day. Luv ya Aunt Suzie

  3. Calley
    Your dad gave me your blog so i can see
    what great things you are doing and wow i am loving these pics
    I can't wait for dawn to see these because she is so into to wildlife. She had at one time wanted to be a vet herself.
    God Bless You
    Love, Mary Ray

  4. These pictures are amazing!!! I'm jealous of the soccer >_<