Friday, March 13, 2009


Yes, that is a white rhino right behind me!

The bomas, so you can see where I took all my pictures from

This big guy obviously wasn't bothered by us

We went to the rhino bomas this afternoon. Kruger has a very healthy population of white rhino, so every year they sell a few to other reserves. It's a good source of revenue for the park. So the rhinos are rounded up and held in these 'bomas' or corrals until they are sold. We got to look at the four that are currently in residence. They just got in two new ones, but didn't want to agitate them. Two of them were really docile and I actually touched the horn of a rhino today! One of them was a bit grumpy and I also got charged by a rhino! No worries, the boma walls are really thick.

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