Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Zebra foal I saw around Sable Dam

'Get up, get up and come play!'
This little ele was trying to get his sibling up from a nap

His brother finally gave in

The baby

Elephant and hippos at the Oliphants River

Hippos at the Oliphants

Secretary Bird

White rhino in the shade

Another mud loving buffalo



Such impressive animals

Giraffe and baby

Martial eagle


Ground hornbill, pretty rare guys


Giraffe at a waterpoint

All but the first picture come from a trip I took down to Skukuza from Phalaborwa. We drove through the park and had some great sitings. The lioness was great, she came right beside the car. We spent the weekend in Skukuza and I visited with several of my friends from the program.

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